Abdulkader El Rawas

Completed and Ongoing Projects/Researches

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a unique way of interacting with digital world by stimulating multiple senses including visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic communication. In recent years, VR technologies have become a mainstream and adapted to computers, game consoles and portable devices such as to smart phones.
Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) is a type of psychological therapy which helps treating anxiety issues using a VR tool in order to minimise certain way of thinking or behaviour in individuals. In this kind of environment, patients often interact with virtual representations of traumatic stimuli within a harmless scenario in order to reduce their fear responses.

This research focuses on developing a VR user experience in the premise of supporting people who suffer from acrophobia (i.e. the fear of heights). While the VR tool was developed through Nielsen’s heuristics, it was aimed a) to conduct a usability testing of the VR tool in order to explore how to deliver a user-friendly experience to effectively support people’s progress of overcoming acrophobia and b) to investigate the potential of VRET and conclude whether or not this VR tool could lower participants’ perception of their fear of height.

A total of 155 participants from different genders, age groups, and educational backgrounds were invited to participate in a usability testing of the VR tool. Having collected quantitative data from these participants, the results were analysed through statistical measures.

This research is still ongoing.

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